One 22 Club

One 22 Club

 We are really excited to be announcing the launch of On Side Hospitality’s One 22 Club.

One 22 is a name that we at On Side hold close to our hearts as it represents everything that the company values the most: Integrity, freedom and passion.

At 22 minutes past 1 the owners signed on the dotted line, which marked the birth of On Side Hospitality and was also the time that the first booking the company took was made.

On Side was created with the idea that with the new found freedom we will be able to go the extra mile for every single one of our clients. The On Side family will always be on the side of our clients keeping their best interests in mind while also creating a happy, productive and enjoyable workplace. It is an environment that benefits clients as well as inspires us to be ourselves and treat each other the right way.

At every single company celebration, we have raised our glasses to 1:22 forever.